Hipp!!Bones  100 Plus Club

Society Lottery Registration No: SLO183

The 100 Plus Club is a private lottery open to friends and families of Hipp!!Bones members, staff and committee  and is under the control of Hipp!!Bones .

The annual subscription for one number is £12, although you can of course subscribe to more than one number if you wish. The draw takes place during the first Hipp!!Bones session each month.

The total money received is divided, with 50% being shared amongst the prize winners and the other 50% going to Hipp!!Bones. The prize money allocated to the number winners will be in proportions of 1st 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%, and provided we sell 100 numbers this equates to 1st £25, 2nd £15 & 3rd £10.

All participants will receive an email notifying them of the monthly draw winners, and a list will be displayed during Hipp!!Bones sessions, on the Hipp!!Bones Facebook Page and on www.hippbones.co.uk/100-club  each month.

If you would like to join please contact: Jeni Pike (nee Green) on j.green.hippbones@gmail.com or 07983 674719